Contract Logistic & Warehousing

Unique solutions - for your needs

Create your own custom set of services covering all your business needs.

As a contract logistics provider, Logisticentrum OÜ team handles activities like designing, planning and creating supply chains for companies, covering layouts, warehousing, distributing and transporting goods. With our team’s deep knowledge of various industries. We can provide efficient and customised management for your company logistics needs.  Our staff blends various logistic functions to create service packages that are fully adjustable and cover set of logistics needs of our clients.


Explicit service for your growing needs.

You have a fast growing business and need to transport your product worldwide. Building your own logistics department can be very costly, you need to invest into new people, education, office space etc. One of the solutions would be to outsource your logistic needs to people who can deal with that cost-effective. Logistics management in a 21st century is one of the important key factors leading to your company overall success and earning profits. Our team experience brought us a deep understanding of how different industries work, thus allowing us to build most suitable supply chain solutions.



As a provider of a full range service spectre, Logisticentrum team also offers any kind of warehousing to store your cargo. We can offer you multiple warehouses in Estonia, as well as in Europe. Will it be frozen goods, or dry cargo, hazardous materials or you need a grain storage – we can find the right place to store your goods!

Customs clearance

Moving cargo within EU is mostly easy, without any customs regulations. However, when you are sending your shipment to the other side of the world, there can be many issues with the customs. Cargo crossing three or four borders surely need right customs clearance. Procedures for that constantly change and to get to the destination on time you have to have right people to do the paperwork. When working with the Logisticentrum you can rely on our team of professionals and leave aside worries about border crossing.