INCOTERMS why is it a necessity?

Incoterms aims to provide a set of international rules for the interpretation of trade terms most commonly used in foreign trade. This way, you can avoid or at least significantly reduce the uncertainty of different interpretations of such terms in individual countries. Incoterms rules only regulate the relationship between sellers and buyers under purchase and sale agreements. The Incoterms rules deal with the seller’s obligation to place the goods at the disposal of the buyer or hand them over for carriage or deliver them to their destination, and with the distribution of risk between the parties in these cases. 
To understand what INCOTERMS you need – please visit our cheat sheet

How do I order a transportation service?

There are many ways to contact us and order a transport.Firstly you can try calling us on the phone +3725228879. You also can send us an email info@logisticentrum.ee or you can try getting freight rate through our Get a Quote page

What type of paperwork do I need to ship?

It all depends whether you are sending your cargo within EU limits or worldwide. All in all Logisticentrum OÜ team hates additional paperwork the same way everybody does, so we try to minimise all the bureaucracy. Usually, it takes the only invoice and order to send your cargo. And don’t forget about filling out the CMR.

Does Logisticentrum provides temperature controlled freight?

Logisticentrum team can handle every possible way of transport. We have a long experience of delivering frozen and/or temperature controlled cargo. Frozen meat, tulips from Holland for spring holidays, or wine from Italy in winter we can handle them all!

Where are you located?

We are located in Tallinn, Estonia. While being one of the most progressive IT countries in Europe, we in Estonia love fast communication and bringing innovative processes in our business routine. Thus you will always have communication with your freight manager and have understanding of whereabouts of your cargo.

How long does it take to unload my cargo?

Unloading process can be tricky. It all depends on what type of transport you are using. If it is express delivery with vans then unloading can be arranged even at night. If you want to unload truck then unloading time can vary from several hours to one day (if cargo is being unloaded by hand in case of damage).

Will my cargo be insured while transporting?

We hardly recommend you to insure your cargo before sending it travelling through the world. However, your cargo is gonna be always insured by CMR insurance which pays certain amount of money per kg of cargo. If you have precious cargo we can offer you additional cargo insurance. Contact us and we will provide the best insurance solution for your cargo.