Head and heart of Logisticentrum team. Developing strategies, motivating the team, overseeing all operations and business activities.

If you have any financial questions it may be faster to resolve them with your logistics manager.

Deniss Godenko
☏ +372 517 30 17

Team lead

The contact point for all the team members, excellent communication skills. He sets clear team goals and engages the team to achieve them!

Jegor can help you with any serious logistics trouble, he has outstanding logistics experience.

Jegor Makarov
☏ +372 505 47 01

Express Freight

Andrew is the person you should talk to when you want to work for Logisticentrum team as a carrier. He also specialises in EU-EU freight, express freight and Italy/France regions

Andrei can also provide answers regarding accounts and payment schedule.

Andrei Marokin
☏ +372 522 88 79


Ernest Petrenko is our valuable asset on BENELUX freight market. He manages FTL and LTL freights from Europe logistically most active regions.

That would be DE/BE/NL/LUX LTL and FTL freights.

Ernest Petrenko
☏ +372 555 75 053

Russia and CIS

Roman is a determined and persistent man. If he sees the target he achieves despite its difficulty.

Call him if you have any EU-CIS or Russia freight. He manages this route avia/sea/road/railroad freight.

Roman Tšugrov
☏ +372 513 65 01


Jevgenia plays a vital role in our company’s Russia/CIS segment. She knows best how to optimise routes and by what price you can send your cargo around CIS and Russia regions.

CIS/Russia – LTL or FTL cargoes – all can be resolved through Jevgenia

Jevgenia Golovina
☏ +372 58 877 307

Balkans and Poland

Jekaterina is our specialist in Balkans and Poland markets, she also can help with all in all hard process of customs clearance. She knows what papers to send where, and how hard can it be to present right documents. She can help with LTL/FTL cargo from Balkans and Poland regions.

Balkans and Poland

Jekaterina Horoshko
☏ +372 578 88 873

Benelux freight

Irina is our newly acquired asset in Europe logistics. She knows the most efficient and cost-effective methods of moving goods from DE/BE/NL to Baltics.

  BE/DE/NL FTL and LTL cargo

Irina Zabolotskaja
☏ +372 585 51 577


Elena is our accountant, she can give you an answer on unpaid expenses, invoice netting and other financial details.
Accounting and payments

Elena Aleeva
☏ +372 581 00 964


Andrei takes responsibility for ensuring that goods get where they need to be in an efficient manner. He is great at keeping track of timetables and costs and understands transportation limitations and regulations. Southern part of Europe FTL or LTL cargoes – moves Andrei.

Andrei Marokin
☏ +372 555 88 073

Our bank info

Bank account: EE797700771003424491
Bank address: Tartu maantee 2, 10145 Tallinn, Estonia
Bank name: AS LHV Pank
IBAN: EE797700771003424491

Company info

Company: Logisticentrum OÜ
Address: Õismäe tee 122-72, Tallinn, 13513, Estonia
Telephone: (+372) 5173017
e-mail: info@logisticentrum.ee
VAT: EE101680659
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